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Taichi practice promotes personal vitality

Updated: 2 days ago

(This article was originally published in Chinese by Tianwai Guyin.)

Practicing Tai Chi on the human body is like charging a mobile phone. Charging the phone for one minute will give you one minute of electricity; practicing Tai Chi for one minute will give your body one minute of vitality.


The advantage of Tai Chi is that one minute of practice will gain one minute of vitality, one hour of practice will gain one hour of vitality, and one day of practice will gain one day of vitality.


No matter how you practice Tai Chi, there are no disadvantages. Movement has hundreds of benefits and no harm. Unlike [the martial art of] Baguazhang, if you don’t learn it from the real world and don’t understand the principles of Yin and Yang Bagua, you won’t make any progress no matter how much you practice, and it will actually be harmful.


Therefore, when practicing Tai Chi, you can reasonably arrange your time to practice according to your own free time. If you are in good health, you can practice for several hours every day. Of course, you can also practice for a few minutes, rest for ten minutes and then continue practicing.


Of course, whether it is continuous practice or accumulated intervals, it is best to practice for more than an hour every day to achieve results, and only quantitative changes can lead to qualitative changes.


In short, as long as the practice posture is correct, the movements are gentle and slow, the steps are like a cat's steps, and the movement is like spinning threads, you will gain vitality by persisting in practice. The longer you practice every day, the more vitality you accumulate in your body, and the more energy you convert into energy.


Practicing Tai Chi can not only refine Qi, but also promote the energy stored in the body to clear the meridians and massage the internal organs to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.


Heaven and earth are a large universe, with north and south poles of yin and yang; the human body is a small universe, with yin and yang qi in the human body. The heaven and earth are the Great Zhoutian, and the human body is the Small Zhoutian.


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