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Taichi, often referred to as “meditation in motion,” teaches a series of slow, precise movements and mindful breathing to enhance physical health and mental well-being. Qigong is a mind and body exercise form that uses meditative breathing techniques, slow stretches and gentle movement to increase internal energy and enable the body to heal itself. Qigong and taichi are often practiced together as an optimal way to improve the body and mind.

Taichitoday provides a wide variety of taichi and qigong classes for all levels of experience.


Shifu Ming Xie first discovered how taichi could benefit athletic performance in the 1970s when she worked at China Nanjing City Sport Committee. She studied Taichi Quan there under Master Gao GuoChen, of the Chen’s lineage. When she achieved instructor status, she taught Taichi Quan to the general public in the city, as well as the rowing team to help athletes strengthen their performance and better recover from stressful workouts. 


Shifu Weixue Su formally began his qigong training in 1987 as a disciple of Grandmaster Wang Ruting of the Shaolin Neijing Yizhichan lineage, a special Qigong from Fujian Shaolin Putian Temple.  


Ming and Weixue both trained under Chen Village Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei (陈正雷)through various programs, 11th generation of Chen family, and one of the top 10 Taichi Quan Grandmasters in China.

Ming and Weixue also trained under Lin Chun Xian (林纯仙), 10th generation of Chen family, who is a Chen Taichi Grandmaster of Taiwan lineage from Pan Yonzhou (disciple of Chen Fakei) and Du Yuzei (disciple of Chen Yanxi and Chen Mingbiao). In 2002, Grandmaster Lin accepted Weixue as her disciple.

Shifu Ming Xie and Shifu Weixue Su began teaching taichi and qigong in the United States in 1992. 

They founded Taichitoday in the San Antonio area in 2002.

Ming was inducted into the U.S. Wushu Martial Art Hall of Fame in 2018, and currently serves as the director of the U.S Chen Zhenglei Taichi Quan International Promotion Committee. 

Taichitoday activities

Instruction. Taichitoday masters provide a wide variety of taichi and qigong classes and workshops for all experience levels at multiple locations in the San Antonio area. Remote classes are available via Zoom. All students gain access to an online resource library, which includes free music downloads for practice, performance and instructional videos, taichi form names, and other instructional materials.


Performances and Demonstrations. Taichitoday students practice together to perform at large Asian festivals in the San Antonio area. The Taichitoday team also provides short, informal lectures, testimonials, and a variety of demonstrations for local health fairs, classroom settings for students of all educational levels, hospital wellness days, and for private companies, as a way to increase awareness of the benefits of taichi and qigong and to promote these practices for improved health and enhanced well-being. In 2012, Ming and Weixue were awarded “Best Presentation on Anti-aging” at the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) conference. Contact us to learn more or to schedule Taichitoday participation for your event.

Competition. Some Taichitoday advanced students travel to compete at martial arts tournaments across the nation, and have qualified to compete in national and international tournaments under the auspices of the United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation, including 2023 competitions at the 4th Pan American Kungfu and Taijiquan Championships in Ontario, Canada, and the 9th biannual World Kungfu Championships, hosted by the International Wushu Federation, in Emeishan, China.

World Taichi and Qigong Day. An important annual event is the World Taichi and Qigong Day. In 2004, Ming and Weixue worked with other local taichi communities in San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas to organize local participation in this worldwide event. The local free event has grown each year, now drawing hundreds of taichi and qigong practitioners, friends and family. The event garnered a proclamation from San Antonio’s mayor ​in 2019.

Cultural Education. In 2014 and 2015, some Taichitoday students participated in educational trips to China, organized by Ming and Weixue, to visit the birthplace of taichi and the Wudang Mountain Wushu School. During these trips, the Taichitoday team was featured on Chinese local television newscasts as an exemplary Culture Exchange. Weixue occasionally provides more in-depth lectures for interested Taichitoday students to discuss Chinese history, Eastern medicinal theories and traditions, and practical applications and health benefits of taichi and qigong.

Benefits of taichi and qigong

Taichitoday students practice taichi and qigong to reap a wide variety of benefits. Generally speaking, practicing taichi improves physical and mental well being, facilitates rehabilitation after injury or illness, and strengthens emotional bonds through lasting friendships with fellow students.

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Steady and consistent practice of taichi and qigong provides students with an opportunity to:

  • Improve balance and flexibility to help prevent falls

  • Increase strength in the body’s core, arms and legs, and optimize overall stamina

  • Strengthen vulnerable joints, particularly the neck, back, knees and ankles

  • Improve respiratory and circulatory function

  • Enhance mental capacity and concentration

  • Settle the mind through “meditation in motion”



Medical professionals recommend taichi and qigong for effective rehabilitation, with measurable and well-documented results, after strokes, cardiac events, and other major health events.

Taichi and qigong can also help people reduce overall stress on mind and body to better manage chronic health issues. For instance:

  • Actively address and improve debilitative symptoms associated with dementia, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's

  • Reduce bone loss with strengthening exercises, and reduce risk of broken bones by developing better balance

  • Alleviate the severity of arthritis pain through proper body and joint alignment and improved range of motion

  • Reduce blood pressure through exercise and meditative motion

  • Improve sleep, and positively influence emotional dysregulation such as depression and anxiety


Social and emotional 

Taichitoday provides an outlet to meet students’ social and emotional needs in a healthy setting. Students learn harmony within themselves and within the larger group.


I have been a Tai Chi student of Ming Xie for more than ten years. As a teacher she is kind, thoughtful, and has perfected her method of teaching so that any one of any age at any level can reap the benefits from the practice of Tai Chi. The classes are always enjoyable and instructive and no matter how you feel before the class you always feel wonderful after.

Doing Tai chi strengthens the body by increasing flexibility, tone and, balance; the mind by strengthening focus and by learning new steps and positions; and enhances your sense of wellbeing. As a physician and a Tai chi practitioner, I highly recommend these classes.

- Helen P.

Through our lives we meet many people, but just some of them have a considerable impact on us. I was blessed to meet Ming about 10 years ago and I can tell you that my life changed. She not only refined my mind and body with knowledge, skill and ideas, she also improved my heart and the way I feel about life and people. I had teachers before but never one like her. She is not only professional and knowledgeable, she is patient, she is kind, and I am very happy to feel that she has become a friend. One that could last a life time.

There is no doubt that no one in San Antonio knows Tai Chi like her, in scope and in detail. But what it's important is that her skills, combined with her personality, make her a unique person and teacher. I know most of her students and I can tell you that we all feel very lucky to have her in our lives. Thank you for your time and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

- Sergio C.

I have been a student of Ming’s for 5 years and Tai Chi has changed my life.  Tai Chi was a “bucket list” wish of mine – but I had no idea what the health benefits were!  It has improved my blood pressure, helped with arthritis in my knee, improved my breathing, improved my strength and balance, and has really reduced the stress from owning a tax practice!  Ming is a wonderful instructor – she is kind, caring and makes us feel so welcome.  I started out taking one class a week and now I take 3 or 4 – I can’t wait for the next class to begin!

- Valorie P.

I try to stay somewhat active and was looking for a type of exercise that I could continue as I got older.  I did not know much about Tai Chi at all but I thought I would give it a try - I hooked from the very first class.  It takes discipline and the results are a slow build, but it is so fascinating how deep the practice is that it makes you want to keep learning and getting better.  Beyond that, what makes Ming's class so special is the fellowship among her students and the commitment of Ming and her husband to teaching and sharing the art of Tai Chi with us.  

- Dixie M.

I have taken Tai Chi from Ming for 3-4 years, and have enjoyed significant benefits such as fitness, relaxation (lowered stress), and community with fellow students and Ming. I have practiced martial arts in one form or another all my adult life, but am no longer able to participate in activities such as Tae Kwon Do or Judo. Tai Chi, however, has been a blessing in that the gentle stylized motion under the capable instruction of Ming (and husband Su) allows me to continue my study of the eastern Martial arts. I would recommend her classes to anyone, regardless of ability, without reservation.  

-Todd P.

It is incredible luck for a potential student to discover Ming Xie's Tai Chi classes. Ming is an extraordinary teacher with extensive Tai Chi knowledge and with the ability to communicate this knowledge to all students, from total beginners to those with years of study.


In her classes, Ming explains and demonstrates each Tai Chi movement, has all students practice the moves, provides individual directions as needed, constantly encourages each student, answers questions, and somehow generates a fascination and excitement that helps students of all ability levels benefit from Tai Chi. 


Ming is exceptional in that she teaches authentic Tai Chi, and teaches more than one style (there are 5 Tai Chi styles). Ming's students learn authentic forms and are exposed to numerous styles. That is a unique benefit that Ming provides her students, as most instructors teach only a single style.


Ming's teaching method is pleasant, encouraging, and patient, and this somehow is reflected in her classes, where students work diligently, help each other, often have a few laughs together in class, and many times refer to each other as a Tai Chi Family.


I am 73 years old. I have studied with Ming for almost 10 years. Her classes improved my health, kept me moving, increased my physical and mental abilities, and gave me great friends and happiness. That's why it is the best luck ever for a Tai Chi student to find Ming Xie's classes!

- Ann K.

In the past I had taichi classes with three other teachers, but…..until my daughter signed us to participate in Ming’s class. She is patient, when we are learning new routines and also she motivates us to enjoy our practices. I know I have found the best now. We look forward to our lesson and consider our group my second family. Taichi is wonderful for our health and our spirits and it keeps our minds active.  Ming and her husband Su are very much loved and respected by all of us. 

- Maria M.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with Tai Chi.  I have been taking classes from Ming Xie, our Tai Chi instructor.  She has been an excellent teacher and motivates her students to their best and learn this life changing exercise that also helps manage health issues while improving balance and mental awareness.  She has taught us the principals and details always willing to help us improve our form while always ready to answer our questions.  I truly believe Ming and Tai Chi have helped me transition smoothly into my retirement life.   Our Tai Chi group is friendly, kind, and care and help each other due to our instructor support of the group. 
- Shuko L.

The pace was easy to follow, very organized clear instructions, Ming is so patient.       

- Carole B. 


I really enjoyed the family feel of the group, the instruction Ming truly helped me learn the martial, great class, keep the instructor.

- Alan E.


Exceptional teaching ability and people skills please make sure keep this class going.

- Martha S.


This class has helped me both mentally and physically, it has helped with my fibromyalgia and cleared some of the “brain fog” that accompanies this illness, Ming is a great instructor and wonderful, uplifting people.

- Cathy G.


Friendship, Great teacher, peaceful feeling afterwards. Great class.

- Gloria B.

It’s not fast, paced, small friendly group, similar classes shall be held outdoors to another parks.

- Steve B.

This class is full of beauty the gardens, the fresh air, the music, the grace of the movements and the instructor... I recommend this class very highly, it is excellent for keeping balance and flexibility, I didn’t start until after 50, and now I plan to practice Taichi always, it helps you stay centered.

- Mary B.

Like the individual and patient instruction. Fantastic class, look forward to taking more classes.

- Douglas H.

Fantastic class and wonderful people.

- Marie M. 

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