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Typical class structure

  1. Warm-up. Every class begins with basic stretches designed to loosen joints and open energy channels throughout the body, thus ensuring an optimal class experience.

  2. Qi development. Each class progresses from warm-up to more more formal, prescribed movement by participating as a group in a specific qigong or taichi development routine. 

  3. Taichi form instruction. The majority of every class is spent learning movements specific to the taichi form, as identified in the class description. The forms are typically taught one step at a time, or one small group of steps at a time, with each class building on what has already been learned. The one or two new movements are explained in great detail, with a focus on hands, eyes, body, step, breath and mind. There is ample time allowed for repetition to help build muscle memory. Often smaller break-out sessions are arranged in some of the classes so students can repeat practice and problem-solve together, with guidance and supervision from the instructor. This strengthens group cohesion, as students at all experience levels share unique perspectives on how to learn or refine a move or set of moves. 

  4. Perform entire form. At the end of each class, students go through a large group practice for the whole form. Less experienced students are encouraged to follow along, even if they are not yet familiar with the entire form. This gives them a greater sense of how the parts they’re learning fit into the whole.

What to bring to class

For every class, regardless of venue, students should:

  1. bring plenty of water; water breaks are part of every class

  2. wear loose, comfortable clothing

  3. wear flat shoes

For outdoor classes, students should:

  1. be aware of weather conditions for the season and dress accordingly

  2. bring sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, etc., for summer months

  3. bring gloves, hats, scarves and wear layers for warmth in winter months

  4. always watch your email for any schedule or location changes due to inclement weather

Class Structue
What to bring
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