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Every Taichitoday journey starts with intention – a single thought, a mindful breath, a simple pose, a graceful move – and expands into a lifelong path of self-discovery, increased wellness, personal growth, and lasting friendships within a supportive community.


We have been teaching taichi and qigong classes in the San Antonio area since 2002.  Our greatest joy and the primary motivation for our work comes from hearing from our students and seeing for ourselves our students’ improvements as they overcome health challenges and realize the full benefits of taichi and qigong practice. 

Our Mission

Health. We teach taichi and qigong as a series of low-impact exercise and mindful movements so people of any condition can improve their health and general wellness. We help you bring ease and mobility to your body so you can achieve more balance, strength and flexibility. 


Balance. Taichi and qigong opens people to new experiences, challenging the brain and body together to coordinate breath, movement, awareness and energy flow. This discipline is simple yet profound, and will guide you to develop a sense of balance not only within yourself but also with your external world.


Harmony. Taichi practice naturally fosters a sense of tranquility within the group, even though students have different backgrounds and life experiences, pursue a wide range of personal interests, and may be facing their own unique health challenges. Group practice encourages and fosters beneficial interactions with others in a way that encourages interpersonal growth.


Friendship. We share the practices of taichi and qigong to promote social connections and a sense of family. Students develop lasting friendships based on acceptance and mutual respect, forming bonds that help them learn from each other and support each other’s efforts, regardless of individual levels of experience.


2020 group taichi practice
Taichi 42 form group practice
Santa plays Chen Taichi
San Antonio Taichitoday Group Morning Practice Chen 18 Form
Garden Class - Taichi 24 Form
2018 Taichi day All teams
2020 Asian Fest Taichi 42 By Taichitoday
2020 group taichi practice
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